Seal Coating Protects Asphalt

Seal Coating is an important part of asphalt pavement maintenance. The slurry seal coat material is an emulsion that protects the asphalt from harmful UV rays, weather, grease, oil, and other harmful agents. Before seal coat is applied, cracks must be cleaned and filled, grease & oil spots removed, and asphalt structural failures must be repaired.

Sealcoating asphalt for weatherproofing

From driveways to shopping malls, tennis courts to running tracks, we use the highest-grade materials available. We have sealer mixed for different pavement requirements. Our skilled professional crews use only the finest state of the art repair equipment ensuring our customers total satisfaction.

We use a Slurry Seal a sand mixed with asphalt emulsion, which is then spread onto the existing asphalt surface. Slurry Seal extends the life of the asphalt and ensures a clean look. Slurry seal has a longer life expectancy than regular seal coat. Because it is thicker, slurry will cover up irregularities in the pavement.

A typical driveway can be cleaned and seal coated in the same day. Seal coat prices vary most surfaces average $0.30 per square foot, Double coat are rarely needed. When requested they are done for $0.15 per square foot extra. Striping costs vary and are on a per job basis.

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Surface must be cleaned thoroughly before applying seal coat layer for weatherproofing

Before sealcoating we must clean the driveway.

Surface must be cleaned thoroughly before applying seal coat layer for weatherproofing

After the driveway is thoroughly cleaned we can apply the sealcoat and crack filler if needed.

After seal coat is applied

This driveway was just sealed and must be give a few hours to dry. You should wait 24 hours before driving on it.

Avoid getting scammed from fly by night seal coat companies.

Things to look for:

  1. First and foremost check to see if they have a valid contractor’s license.

  2. Make sure they are not using inferior materials. Pay attention a contractor should never use more than 15% to 20% (manufacturer recommended) water.

  3. If it sounds like a great deal it does not mean it is a great deal. In most cases, seal coat should never cost less than $0.15 per square foot. If someone comes knocking on your door and claims to have some extra sealer they want to sell you for $0.08 or $0.10 per square foot more than likely it is a scam.

  4. Remember there is no such thing as extra material. Every year we hear stories about companies having extra material they need to get rid of. Sealer does not go bad. It is a water based material that will last for years if stored correctly. If you don’t believe me, go to The Home Depot and ask them for their extra driveway sealer.

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